Life Lessons

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Praise for LIFE LESSONS:

LIFE LESSONS: Your Destiny Is In Your Own Hands, by Dokpe Lillian Ogunsanya, is packed full of Self-affirmation and inspirations. Its optimism is contagious!

The book [LIFE LESSONS] opens up with praise and gratitude for things seen and unseen.  Then, it makes the connection between a person’s identity and their destiny towards an overarching purpose. With such introspective topics such as never giving up, appreciation for life and positive energy, and self discovery for purpose in life, I trust LIFE LESSONS will hit home with readers challenged with their own level of confidence in trying times.

LIFE LESSONS gives hope that ordinary people, through self-discovery and being courageous to do so, can do extraordinary things in their lives by not turning their back on God.”

– Salvador SeBasco, Literary Director and host of THE INSIDE VIEW SHOW (TM). Broadcast book critic, on staff with a CNN affiliate.

LIFE LESSONS by Dokpe Ogunsanya is a joyous read that reawakened the importance of faith in our everyday lives and that by trusting our instincts, embracing discipline we can achieve the goals we desire. She provides us with inspirational stories and the tools needed to be the best we can be.  The positive messages will stay with you well after the book is finished.”  – Mary Killebrew, Austin, Texas

“This is a self-help book that puts life in focus and encourages one to keep the eye on the prize.”  – Dr. John Burtler, University of Texas at Austin

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