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MY COOKING: West-African Cookbook offers a fascinating glimpse into the West African kitchens. The book includes authentic easy to use recipe pages and colorful photos. 

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Praise for MY COOKING:

MY COOKING: West-African Cookbook is the first book of its kind to provide concise but comprehensive information about the preparation and cooking of some very popular West-African dishes.  This cookbook is easy to read and understand.  It is generally recommended to anyone interested in West-African food.  Mandatory for visitors to this region of Africa.”  – Andrew Batey, M.D., Illinois, USA

“This makes for an interesting reading with the essential information on the different but common popular West-African food.  The quick but in-depth recipies provide a practical guide to the preparation and cooking of food stuffs from this area.  Certainly a handy text.”  – Kaye Finlayson, Senior Dietitian, London, England

“A wonderful cookbook of recipes that gives one a great flavor of West-African delicacies.”  – Connie Skeete, Teacher, Texas, USA

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